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With your support we will be able to source an Industrial Coffee Roaster Machine. 

Sustainable Organic Coffee Production

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Agriculture SME, Papua New Guinea

Korofeigu Organic Coffee Farmers

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The Korofeigu Organic Coffee Farmers are located in the Bena Bena Valley of the Eastern Highlands, between Goroka to the west and Henganofi to the east.

The entity was initiated to facilitate access to better market opprotunities yeilding higher financial returns for its member whilst maintaining the quality organic coffee production which they are known for.

The Korofeigu Organic Coffee Farmers company comprises of 230 farmers owning 450 hectares of coffee trees collectively. All coffee produced are Organical Certified under the National Association of Standard Agriculture, Australia with an average of 230 tonnes of green coffee produced seasonally.

Since its inception in 2012, 1300 tonnes of green coffee has been produced and sold representing a major source of the income for farmers and their families.

The entity began as a cooperative in 2012 and later amended its status in 2015 after registering as a business entity with the Investment Promotion Authority. Since then, it has grown from strength to strength delivering on its mendate to serve its farmers.

Our goal is, and will always be to ensure economic independence and sustainability for our farmers and in saying so, we have plans to increase their per capita income by venturing into other value added offerings aside from coffee supply alone.

In order to achieve this vision, we have commenced plans in our bid to venture into Roasting; allowing our farmers to now supply and produce up to a finished product. We believe this capability will provide an added benefit to what we have already in place and in return will benefit existing farmers even more.

With your support we will be able to source an Industrial Coffee Roaster Machine. 

The Industrial Coffee Roaster will have the capacity to process 30 – 100 kg of Green Coffee per hour.


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