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For small businesses and entrepreneurs, especially those in developing or remote parts of the world, access to funding to start or expand a business can be difficult to obtain. The rise of crowdfunding, where funds are raised through monetary contributions from a large number of people can be achieved through the Invest In Me Platform and will create a new investment avenue for businesses.
Invest In Me is essentially a Crowdfunding website providing a secure platform which enables investors and donors worldwide to donate to individuals and groups that require support.

Popular Campaigns

PNG Cancer Fund

No more lives should perish as a result of a failing Health System. Join us as we raise capital to build PNG's first fully kitted Cancer treatment facility.

$39,994.00 Raised 16.00%
$250,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Agri-Tech Crowdfund

Agri-Tech Organics is set and aims to revolutionize the way we market and trade our very own home grown produce.

$40,526.00 Raised 16.21%
$250,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Latest Campaigns

Help Ryan fulfill his dream of going to Aviation College

My name is Ryan Mumna and I am a year 12 student in Don Bosco technical school, Gabutu. I have recently been accepted into Acatech Aviation college to study a Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Since my father became very ill and has been unable to work, my mother is the sole provider of my family by working in the informal sector. My dream is to go to aviation school - i have the passion and drive but unfortunately the tuition fees are much more than my family can afford. Happier Days: A picture of Mum, Dad and my sister  

$0.00 Raised 0%
$6,500.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Yule Island Water Project

Please help the people of Yule Island purchase a large southern cross water tank so they have consistent access to clean drinking water To kick start the project we are trying to raise funds of K80,000 The Yule Island Water Project is organised by Lucielle Paru, Executive Director of Papua Native Landowners Association Inc Thank you all in advance 🙂

$10.00 Raised 0.03%
$30,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Yule Island, Kairuku Hiri District, Central Province, Papua New Guinea

Help Nelson with a new saw mill to help his community

Support Nelson Aino Sisa with purchasing a Saw Mill and transporting it from Lae to Vanimo to help support the local communities to build their own houses. The Saw Mill and Transport is valued at K98,000

$0.00 Raised 0%
$23,500.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Vanimo, Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea

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