1. Start your campaign

If you’re looking to get attention and funding for your business idea’s or community project, Invest In Me gives the initial push you need to make your vision a reality.

Choosing a suitable and meaningful project on the onset will pave the way for a great campaing later on down the line. 

Let your potential funders know how your product, business idea or initiative can benefit them. Share who you are, what you’re planning to do, where the project idea came from, what your budget is and why you’re passionate about it. This shows you’ve actually put some thought into the idea, which helps prove the legitimacy and credibility of your project.

Make sure to create a great-looking project-header image as well as a compelling video. You have to have a stunning video pitch. Make sure the video quality is crystal clear, your story is compelling, and your product shines. Show you’re credible by speaking clearly, outlining the concept and the benefits, and demonstrating exactly how it works. Connect emotionally with a personal story in a way that a potential backer will be able to relate to. Finally, talk about why the product is unique.

Clear and precise objectives pave the way for a successful campaign. A carefully planned and executed projects based on clear and defined objectives is a recipe for success! 


2. Share with friends

There are many different ways to make people aware of your crowdfunding campaign.

With the Invest In Me platform, share your campaigns conveniently with friends, family and other pontential backers. Take advantage of our e-mail sharing capabilities and get your campaigns out there!

On the move? Not a problems, share your campaign links with potential backers anywhere anytime. The success of your campaign depends greatly on your ability to share your passion with the world.

In this day and age, social media plays an increasingly vital role in the dissemination of information over a larger geographical area. Utilize our Social Media share capabilities and allow your projects to go viral increasing your chances of being backed.


3. Manage Donations

Accepting donations online has never been easier. Running a campaign is absolutely FREE! Run your projects and receive donations immediately. Monitor your progress directly on your personalized dashboard.

Invest In Me allows Backers and Campaigners to interact directly. With the integrated Rewards Systems, Backers are also incentivized for their donations. 

Upon reaching your fundraising goals, Invest In Me shall transfer funds into your nominated Bank Account within 5 working days. In line with our Funds Transfer Policy, Campaigers are require to meet our eligibity criteria when creating their user accounts.


Invest In Me - How to Register & Create A Campaign