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We need your help in raising US$1,350 (K4,700) to gather resources and materials for awareness to get our technology out and to kick-start our development campaign.

Support Locally Owned Agriculture – Agrikonnekt Platform

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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea


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We love eating fresh fruits & vegetables and believe so does everyone in PNG. Raised in seeing the importance to having balanced meals has always been the compassion from parents, and so as the next generation, we believe it is in our hands to preserve our culture and flavors in this rapidly changing world as a young and locally brewed establishment with a heart focused on PNG.

What sets us apart is that we are focused and tailored for Papua New Guinea challenges and setting, with the aim to introduce the future in digital agriculture and to  reduce the common logistical challenges encountered via a viable digital route.

Help get our seed in the ground and gain traction!

Join us in getting the word out there! Simply tell a friend or share our link to show your support.



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David Tekwie $100.00 October 28, 2020


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