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Let us all stand together as a show of solidarity to support the ongoing effort providing relief for those affected by the Covid19 Pandemic.

Covid19 Relief Fund

by Invest In Me LLC

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Let us all stand together as a show of solidarity to support the ongoing effort providing relief for those affected by the Covid19 Pandemic.

By fundraising for coronavirus relief efforts, or donating to a coronavirus relief fund, we can all do our part and provide much-needed support and aid to those directly affected by the Pendemic.

What is the coronavirus and how can you stay safe?

The only thing that’s certain at this point about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is that it’s a respiratory infection that can be transmitted from person to person. Aside from this, scientists are still uncovering other factors about the disease and its spread. For this reason, it’s important to rely on the advice of medical experts and be wary of misinformation that is circulating, such as unproven cures and ways to fight the disease.

Ways to provide coronavirus financial relief

As the threat of this disease grows and puts further strain on communities, here are a few things we can all consider doing to provide some relief:

1. Directly support individuals impacted by the virus

As the crisis grows, so do the negative effects on peoples’ health and their financial wellbeing, but we can all do our part to help those affected. Here’s how making a direct donation to COVID-19 fundraisers can help:

Living expenses

Hourly workers and people without paid sick time are among the most vulnerable to the negative financial effects of the pandemic. With no way to cover expenses, workers like these will inevitably fall behind on rent and other fixed expenses. For these reasons, it’s important to get ahead of the crisis and start providing support to individuals like these.

Food, water, and other basics

Low-income households are already strained in good times but this new threat makes it even more important to provide immediate financial assistance to these households.

Small business and unemployment support

Millions of small businesses affected by the coronavirus are now suffering severe economic hardship because of the outbreak. Starting a fundraiser for your favorite local Outreach program, MSME, Community Project, or Aid Post is one way to support your community. You can also donate to their existing fundraisers to ensure these institutions stay afloat through this crisis.

Are you a small business owner who is struggling to pay your bills? Create your own campaign and seek the support your business needs to stay a float.

Emergency medical treatment, medication, and equipment

As our economy becomes strained and more people are affected by financial pressures, the ability for people to pay for medication and treatment becomes a real hurdle to seeking treatment. As a result, people across Invest In Me have already started their COVID-19 fundraising efforts, and you can do your part to provide direct financial assistance to fundraisers.

Donating directly to these fundraisers may provide the immediate financial support families and individuals need to rise above this crisis. While donating to charities or communal fundraisers is also a great option, fundraisers for individuals may be the best way to guarantee people get the money they need to get immediate relief.

2. Create care packages with supplies

While everyone should be taking precautions, some people in our communities may be at a greater risk if they are elderly or have preexisting health conditions. For people who are not able to get around easily due to preexisting conditions, preparing for potential quarantines may be much harder. To help these individuals, consider creating care packages to help reduce their risk of exposure.

3. Start a fundraiser coronavirus for yourself or someone you know

Another great way to provide support is by creating a fundraiser for someone in need. By setting up a coronavirus relief fundraiser for someone that needs help, you can help them overcome potential hurdles they’re facing because of the spread of COVID-19. Setting up a coronavirus fundraiser is just one way to do this.

Of course, if you’re the person in need, you may want to start a coronavirus fundraiser for yourself. You may have a sick family member, have childcare needs, or even be out of work as a result of quarantine measures in your area.

4. Donate to coronavirus relief efforts

Another great way to help is by supporting organizations that are providing relief efforts to people and communities affected by the coronavirus. By contributing to charities that are addressing the coronavirus impact, you can provide direct support to COVID-19 fundraising on a larger scale.

Take action today with coronavirus fundraising

Start coronavirus crowdfunding or find other ways to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting ahead and helping now is key to making sure everyone is prepared for new developments.



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