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No more lives should perish as a result of a failing Health System. Join us as we raise capital to build PNG’s first fully kitted Cancer treatment facility.

PNG Cancer Fund

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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

The ongoing fight to treat cancer can sometimes feel like an endless battle. But in recent years, new research and treatments have given us every reason to believe we’re on the cusp of making meaningful progress. You can help make cancer a disease of the past by supporting the drive to build Papua New Guinea’s very own cancer treament facility.

Your support can be monetary, but you can also help increase funding by simply raising awareness.

How can you help with Cancer Crowdfunding?

While giving money directly to research institutions is the most direct way to raise money for research, there are still other ways you can help.

1. Share your story

If you have a personal experience with cancer, your words can be powerful. They can also inspire others to take action—or provide them with hope. You can start a blog to share your story, or write smaller messages on social media to educate others.

2. Raise awareness

Researchers are developing new genetic, lab, and imaging tests for cancer. They’re pinpointing ways to reduce risk, and they’re generating targeted treatments that take into account an individual cancer’s profile. They’re also running clinical trials on promising new treatments. All of this research takes funding—and to do that, the public needs to know about it.

You can raise awareness to support research by becoming a prominent voice. You can educate others through social media posts, or by encouraging close friends and family members to get mammograms, by wearing pink, or by volunteering at a cancer clinic. You can also look into partnering with a cancer organizations and become an advocate. No gesture is too small.

3. Budget for a monthly donation

If you’d like to make a steady impact, why not donate to a campaign regularly? You can build a monthly donation into your budget so that you never have to worry about feeling the impact of one large gift. Many charities offer recurring donations, and you’re usually able to choose the amount you’d like to give. Even a small donation every month can make a big difference.

4. Start a fundraiser for your favorite organization

Along with breakthrough approaches to treatment, the approach to fundraising for breast cancer research is also changing, thanks to crowdfunding. Online fundraising gives an individual the power to continue raising money for what matters most to them—in this case, cancer treatment & research. Through crowdfunding, you could make a real and lasting difference by providing relief to those that might otherwise not be available or affordable to most.



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December, 2020

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  • 31-05-2020

    Discussions with Port Moresby General Hospital

    Dialogue was made between Invest In Me and Port Moresby General Hospital regarding the possibility of raising funds to build Papua New Guinea’s first fully fledged Cancer Treatment Facility that would possibly serve the entire country.

    Initial planning and costs we written up prior to the initial meeting together with timeframes for the construction and commissioning of the facility, however, due to financial constraints and the Covid19 crisis plans were placed on hold.

    As part of Phase 1, we are aiming to raise funds for initial work to take place.

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $20,000.00 January 14, 2021
Hezron Vagalia $10,000.00 January 02, 2021
Lewellyn Muriki $5,000.00 March 03, 2022
John Wilders $2,000.00 March 03, 2022
Christopher Vagalia $3.00 January 21, 2022
Anonymous $5.00 November 19, 2021
Peter Kuravi $185.00 November 12, 2021
Concillia Vagalia $283.00 November 05, 2021
Anonymous $2,500.00 May 05, 2020
Christopher Vagalia $3.00 April 18, 2021
Christopher Vagalia $5.00 April 10, 2021
Tavania Vagalia $5.00 September 29, 2020
Christopher Vagalia $5.00 September 05, 2020


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